Millard Public Schools Induction Programming

Belief: Our greatest resource is people.

MPS is guided not only by the MPS Mission Statement but also by Belief Statements. Induction programming supports the belief that our greatest resource is people.  

Salaried Staff Induction
MPS Induction, the three-year experience to orient new staff members, is the result of collaborative district efforts to be proactive in recruiting and retaining the highest quality certificated staff. 

The Induction Program is designed in three Induction Phases to support all new certificated staff in their first three years of employment as they prepare for and enjoy a long, successful career in the Millard Public Schools.

The MPS Induction program includes the following experiences: 
Year One: Learn through Mentoring Relationships & Orientation
Year Two: Refine through Peer Coaching Partnerships
Year Three: Grow through Extended Professional Experiences
    An overview of the three-year Induction Program is available by clicking here.

    Staff Resources and Materials for Induction Programming can be found below:
    Year 1: Orientation & Mentoring Relationships

    Hourly Staff Orientation
    An online orientation module has been developed to help all hourly staff become acquainted with the various resources provided to new employees and job expectations. Click here for Hourly Staff Orientation.

    Staff Development requirements for All Hourly Staff can be found here

    New Administrator Induction
    In addition to the comprehensive leadership staff development Millard provides all administrators and other leaders, we also provide a 2-year New Administrator Induction program to help new administrators acclimate to their new role. Our goal is to provide strategic direction and a successful network of support to help new administrators succeed. Specifically our new administrators learn their new job expectations, build relationships, and learn how to access resources by actively participating in professional development activities aligned to their mutual commitments and job accountabilities. This extra support helps to prepare them for their new positions in MPS.  Click here for an outline of the New Administrator Induction Program.