April 2017 | Volume 12 Issue 8

Digital Learning in the Classroom by Tessa Adams, Millard South High School


When I think about how far technology has come from when I stepped into my first classroom 15 years ago, I can’t help but laugh. As excited as I was to be in control of my first overhead projector, I could have never imagined the places technology could take my instruction in 2017. Yet, here we are, with laptops at the fingertips of our students. The one educational element that the overhead and laptop have in common is that they are both tools used to enhance good teaching. A major difference between these two devices is that the students are no longer limited by the instructor’s knowledge alone. The teacher’s role in the classroom has transformed a bit; yes, they are still irreplaceable content experts, but they are also facilitators of knowledge and it has never been truer that the roles of teacher and student are transferable on any given day. As a lifelong learner, this is exciting.   Click here to read the full article


It’s All About Pie


Last fall, Superintendent Sutfin (aka @jsutfin) shared with all of us the Millard Public Schools FOCUS for 2016-2017. We affectionately call it pie.  Millard Staff members kicked off pie professional development by eating warm, delicious pie.  Dr. Sutfin hosted teacher focus groups, facilitated administrator book discussions and continued to repeat the message for consistent clarity across the district.  Principals were asked to focus their Building Learning Plans around pie.  If the topic didn’t relate to pie - we “satisficed” the training or information.  What did we learn from have a unified District focus?  Here is what we learned and why we are excited that our focus will remain the same in 2017-2018!  
                                                        Click here to read full article

#MentorsMatter - Are YOU a Mentor Candidate?

Millard Public Schools recruits and retains high quality staff! Be part of the effort by serving as a mentor to an MPS colleague during their first year in Millard as they complete Year 1-Mentoring Relationships. As a mentor, you are a guide, confidant, trusted colleague, and so much more! Metropolitan Omaha Educational Consortium (MOEC) Mentor Training takes place on Monday, July 24th from 8-4.  

                                         Board, Mentor, Hand, Learn, ...
To participate, contact your Building Administrator or Dr. Janet Cook to learn more about becoming a Trained District  Mentor. More information is available in the Mentoring Handbook, including the Mentor Job Description, by clicking here.

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Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Millard School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, disability, or age, in admission or access to or treatment of employment, or in its programs and activities.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Superintendent of Schools, 5606 South 147th Street, Omaha, NE 68137 (402) 715-8200. The Superintendent may delegate this responsibility as needed.  Complaints and grievances by school personnel or job applicants regarding discrimination or sexual harassment shall follow the procedures of District Rule 4001.2. Complaints and grievances by students or parents regarding discrimination or sexual harassment shall follow the procedures of District Rule 5010.2.




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