Professional Learning Communities

PLC teams are groups of (1) results/data-oriented MPS professionals with (2) shared mission, vision, 

values, and goals (3) meeting regularly in collaborative teams focused on learning, to (4) inquire into “best 

practice and current reality,” which are (5) action-oriented and (6) committed to continuous improvement.

MPS PLC Resources:

Singleton PLC Resources: 

2018-19 District Singleton Guidelines & Meeting Log (view only)

Make a copy to use for your year-long log. Share with your PLC and appropriate administrators. 

SMART Goal Resources Folder:
  • PLC SMART Goals Steps and Explanations

  • PLC SMART Goal Template

  • Sample PLC SMART Goal Template 

Additional PLC Resources:

All Things PLC - Website built and maintained by Solution Tree as a service to aid educators on their 

PLC journey.

Solution Tree - Register for a free account to access free reproducibles from a variety of professional

books related to PLCs.