Required for All Hourly Staff

Any required staff development for hourly staff for the current school year will be communicated by building supervisors.
  • De-escalation Strategies for Trauma Informed Educators This course is required for all staff during 2017-18 as part of a three-year cycle. Hourly staff may choose to take the face-to-face version in October or February as part of the Hourly Staff Development Day (Course #33658) or with their building.
  • Suicide Awareness/Prevention: QPR- Hourly staff working in buildings with students must complete this course during one of the Hourly Staff Development Days or in their building. 
  • Tech Ethics Online for Hourly Staff - Technology and social media is constantly changing. This course is highly encouraged training for all newly hired hourly staff as a means of being proactive to possible pitfalls of using technology within PK-12 education.  For those hired for the start of the school year, the completion date is Winter Break.  For all others, the completion date is the end of Spring Break (Course #33689).

Additional Required Course(s) for NEW Hourly Staff:
Welcome New Hourly Staff - click here to view an orientation website and video.

Drug-Free Workplace
This course will provide an overview of signs and symptoms of substance abuse and resources available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Participants will review the policies and expectations of Millard Public School employees related to drugs and alcohol (Course #33220).

The courses below are available and encouraged for all hourly staff:

40 Developmental Assets 
Any hourly staff member who has not yet completed a 40 Developmental Assets course, at the building or district level, is encouraged to complete this course. This course may be offered as part of the Hourly Staff Development Days in October or February and is available online. If you choose the online option, register for Course #33669 and complete the learning activities by Winter Break.
*This course will not be offered after the 2017-18 school year.*