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The staff evaluation process was developed to support the mission of the Millard Public Schools:

The mission of the Millard Public Schools is to guarantee that each student develops the character traits and masters the knowledge and skills necessary for personal excellence and responsible citizenship by developing a world-class educational system with diverse programs and effective practices designed to engage and challenge all students.

Purposes of Staff Evaluation within Millard Public Schools

  • Accountability
  • Professional Growth
  • School Improvement

Millard Public Schools uses TalentEd Perform to facilitate all evaluations.
Resources and information on TalentEd Perform may be found by clicking here.

Staff Evaluation Handbook (same document as shown above)

Administrator Evaluation Information

Hourly Staff Evaluation – Self Rating

In the spring, hourly support staff and hourly professional technical staff will be asked to self appraise on several job performance / personal attributes including: attendance, personal appearance, attitude, quality of work, knowledge of job, efficiency, cooperation, dependability, communication, judgment and technology skills. Hourly staff will be asked to assess their own areas of strength and areas for growth. Hourly staff can view their Self Appraisal document in TalentEd at any time.

When the Self Appraisal document is submitted in TalentEd, the information will auto-fill into the evaluator’s summative report. A summative conference between the hourly staff member and evaluator will be held to review the evaluation.

Salaried Staff Evaluation