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The Millard Public School district uses Site Planning as the mechanism for school improvement. Site Planning is conducted in four phases, with all 35 schools in MPS spread across each phase of Site Planning implementation.

Phase One, consisting of a full Site Plan Rewrite, begins with a data evaluation process at a Data Retreat.  A team of 6-12 teachers and administrators evaluate academic progress over the past 5 years in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  This team evaluates trends over time, including sub groups that are identified in No Child Left Behind (2004).  A Data Book is generated with these findings and is used to educate the entire school staff regarding the current reality of the school.

Phase One continues with a Site Plan Rewrite Day.  During this experience the Site Plan team, comprised of 16-20 people, including school administrators, teachers, support staff members, parents, and students (at the high school level), are sequestered for a day to analyze academic and behavioral data.  At the end of the Site Plan Rewrite day, the school mission, objectives and strategies are developed in draft form.

Action Teams are then composed for the purpose of describing how to operationalize the strategies set forth by the Site Planning Team.   Action Teams consist of a composite group of the school’s community: administrators, teachers, parents, community leaders, and occasionally students.  Action Teams also evaluate recommendations from the AdvancEd School Improvement process and Nebraska Framework (Rule 10) visits and incorporate these recommendations into Specific Results and Action Steps for implementation.  

After 3-4 months of action research, the Site Planning team reconvenes for a half day Second Session to approve of the Action Plans.  The Action Plans are regularly reviewed and progress is noted.  The process is cyclical, with a full rewrite occurring every 4-5 years and formal update sessions occurring mid-cycle.  

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